We've worked on some incredible landscape design projects. Take a look at our gallery to see all the amazing work we've been a part of. Our goal is to transform your outdoor space and we've accomplished that time and time again for our clients. 


Home to only a protected Live Oak tree before a newly constructed home was built, this  backyard needed a serious uplift to bring it to the standard of the neighborhood that was planned to be built around it.  The homeowner was hoping for a clean and crisp outdoor living space where they could relax with family and entertain their friends. We designed and planned a swimming pool with a perimeter overflow spa, a feature wall that is home to the water feature as well as a means to block the pool equipment behind it. The pool is flanked by two IPE tanning decks. On the opposite side of the larger of the two decks, a board formed concrete fire-pit joins the outdoor dining area that looks over a three hole putting green. Finally a conservatively sized outdoor kitchen sits just outside of the back of the home.  This project is one of four adjoining backyards we designed and the first to be completed.




Besides an orange tree and a sauna, this backyard space in the Palm Haven area of Willow Glen didn’t have much going for it. The homeowners really wanted an interesting outdoor living space they could be excited about. On their wishlist were an outdoor covered space, a fire feature, raised planting area and two outdoor spaces that could become one. We introduced a space with a four color angled deck, a covered sitting area with angled pergola surrounded by sitting walls with plating space and a custom built fireplace. We turned up the volume on the funk as our clients allowed us to stretch our imagination with this project.  




After remodeling their home and adding an in-law suite in San Jose, California, this client wanted to landscape the area and add a significantly sized modern outdoor living area.  Once a general layout was figured out, we enhanced the space to include artificial turf space, two bluestone patios, a modern tricolor deck, planting boxes, privacy trees and a custom outdoor fireplace.




When coming up with a unique idea for an outdoor living space there are always considerations to keep in mind. Typically with properties that have such a killer view like this one, it’s best that the design makes sure that the view remains the star of the show. We are big fans of adding height and different elevations to projects to make the space feel more dramatic and to invite shadows and lighting to create new experiences. However with this  space, adding more features to it would have only taken away from the view so we went with a “less is more” approach. This conversation started with the curiosity about having a swimming pool in the backyard, which is also the flattest part of the property, for these homeowners in Los Gatos who were renovating their home. We designed a swimming pool with integrated spa, fire pit area and a covered outdoor seating area with a solid roof/ceiling. The covered area allowed for lights to be installed in the ceiling to illuminate the space in the evening. Because we stayed pretty light on features but the rest of the space, we made sure to liven up the pool deck by inviting contrasting paving applications in different shapes and color. 




Just before starting the conversation with us about this backyard, the clients had engaged a concrete company to install a large concrete patio in their backyard. Knowing they wanted to do something but not knowing what, it was an easy decision to make. When they contacted us, they knew they wanted to do a swimming pool, spa, covered living space as well as a kitchen. It was also important to them to have a few different entertainment spaces so that the space could be used as one or broken off into smaller groups. Because the neighbors yard sits higher than this one, we were able to use the elevation in our favor with a raised sitting area that looks out over the swimming pool and outdoor living area below. This space is easily accessible from steps on either side and also serves as a diving platform into the water. And one side of the swimming pool is a outdoor kitchen with bar seating and on the other side a custom steel pergola with fire pit and adjacent shower. Material wise, we wanted to keep things subtle but have a little bit of pop. We designed in contrasting colors and shapes for the paving selection as to invite some curiosity into the design. 




This project is the third of four custom backyards we have designed for neighbors in a newly developed neighborhood in Campbell, CA. The client wanted a space in their backyard for entertaining, cooking/eating, a hot tub, landscaping and lighting, all with a modern feel. To add some elevation and interest we decided to place the hot tub on an elevated deck, covered it’s outer shell  and bright that same lumber through to the  bench seating around the fire pit and to the bar area of the outdoor kitchen. The rest of the space was done with Techo-Bloc paving solutions to assure that a constant theme/look was achieved throughout the space. The custom water feature serves as a way to keep noise from neighbors down and provides a soothing background for conversation. Not pictured in this shoot is a large linear lawn space, utility space and storage shed.