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Borello Ranch Estates and Our Custom Backyards

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The Who, What, Where, and Why Behind the Toll Brother’s Latest Real Estate Endeavor

Water and Earth is inspired by beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. Though we deal in outdoor design, much of what we do is inspired by homes, communities, and craftsmanship. Beautiful homes simply inspire beautiful outdoor living.

So when we learned about Borello Ranch Estates, we were immediately interested in becoming involved with the landscape design of these properties.

What are Borello Ranch Estates?

Borello Ranch is a new luxury community designed by none other than the Toll Brothers. If you are not familiar with the Toll Brothers, let us give you a brief background. The Toll Brothers are an award-winning FORTUNE 500 company. Founded in 1967, the Toll Brothers have spent the last handful of decades becoming one of the nation’s leading builders of luxury homes, winning accolades from FORTUNE magazine, BUILDER magazine, and more.

Borello Ranch Estates is their latest endeavor. Located in Morgan Hill in Santa Clara County, this gated community is surrounded by gentle hills and wide open space. Homes built in the community are single family dwellings, and offer a variety of open plan designs.

Who is moving to Borello Ranch Estates?

These homes are being built for young professionals looking to move to a safe, amenity driven community to raise a family and enjoy all the community has to offer. Aside from award winning home designs, the community will feature a resort-style recreation center, pool, sports facilities, and more.

This community offers everything young and growing families are looking for—centrally located, wonderfully finished, and populated with homeowners that care as much about outdoor design as they do about their indoor space.

And that’s where we come in.

Water and Earth for Borello Ranch Estates

As we learned of the Borello Ranch community, we knew immediately that we wanted to be involved. Opportunities like these allow us the freedom and flexibility to think big and design bigger. We think luxury homes look even better with luxury outdoor design, and so we set out to do just that in Borello Ranch.

At the time of writing, Water and Earth has been lucky enough to secure four projects with clients living inside of the community. Not only has this been a chance to continue to create groundbreaking outdoor spaces, but it’s a chance to give you an inside look at the process, from ideation to construction.

As each space takes shape, we will be giving you an in depth look at the designs as they come to life.

Check the links below for a closer look at each of our Borello Ranch projects.

Borello One

Explore the design process behind this funky, modern backyard. From a Miami-inspired circular spa to a waterfall feature wall, this space ties together clean, modern design, with playful ingenuity.

This project is currently under construction, and will be finished in April, 2022.

Borello Two

See how we transformed this corner lot from blank slate to modern backyard retreat. Featuring a sunken conversation pit, succulent wall, and embracing the unexpected, this space turns challenges like an unalterable perimeter wall into a design advantage.

This project is currently under construction, and will be finished in April, 2022.

Borello Three

Larger spaces offer more room for creativity, but also present unique challenges. See how we took this big backyard from empty space to a modern-minded design the whole family can enjoy.

This project is currently under construction, and will be finished in April, 2022.

Borello Four

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, strolling through the insect garden, relaxing in the spa, or throwing the ball for the dogs, this Borello Ranch backyard has something for everyone.

This project is currently under construction, and will be finished in April, 2022.

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