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Introducing Techo-Bloc - The New Standard in Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

When making decisions about the design of your outdoor living area, you want to be confident that the materials you select not only look great, but will stand the test of time. So when the moment arrives to surface your outdoor space, concrete pavers are a no brainer. Concrete pavers offer you incredible versatility, durability, and safety, all with no compromise to aesthetic sensibilities. However, you’ll quickly realize that not all concrete paving solutions are created equal. This is where Techo-Bloc comes in.

Techo-Bloc leads the way with truly innovative designs and an unmatched selection of styles- and Water and Earth is happy to be their first partner right here in Silicon Valley. 

In years prior, accessing Techo-Bloc products may have been possible, but was incredibly costly and even impractical. This is no longer the case. After years of feeling the best was just out of reach, we’ve been able to form a relationship with a local distributor, cutting shipping costs and premiums, and allowing us to offer an entirely new level of product to our clients at more competitive pricing.

Simply to say we’re excited is a given. But to understand why we’re so proud to announce this partnership, it’s crucial to know what makes Techo-Bloc unique, and what cements it as the industry standard in concrete pavers. 

Unmatched Selection

Most concrete paver companies can offer you decent enough products at relatively low price points. However, you’ll be quick to notice that options and styles range from severely limited to blatantly outdated. In fact, if you’re looking for pavers that offer the sleek, modern feel that is predominant here in Silicon Valley, most locally available companies fall short. But Techo-Bloc is different.

Not only does Techo-Bloc offer a beautiful selection of traditional and rustic styles, but they also offer a huge selection of streamlined, minimalistic options that make modern paving designs possible. Clutter free visuals and monochromatic palettes in every color and tone are all now accessible in the Bay Area through Techo-Bloc. We’re proud to be the first to offer our clients this unmatched selection, bringing clean lines and designs to life in your backyard.

Premium Materials

Outdoor living spaces are meant to be just that- lived in. Other paving solutions such as poured concrete and asphalt options may seem appealing, but they pale in comparison to the durability and flexibility of concrete pavers. And even then, most paver companies can’t offer the quality and consistency that is the hallmark of Techo-Bloc’s designs.

Techo-Bloc provides the highest quality materials to make sure that your outdoor paving stands up to everything life throws at you. When placed correctly, Techo-Bloc designs are three times stronger than poured concrete, and interlock for increased durability and a seamless finish that is crack and chip resistant. Their pavers are weather and salt-resistant, and completely color-consistent all the way through. Techo-Bloc designs hold up to freezing, thawing, and vehicular traffic with ease, and continue to look great season after season.

Solutions for Every Space

One of the most significant benefits of choosing concrete pavers over other materials is their incredible versatility in outdoor living spaces. Techo-Bloc offers solutions for every space. From driveways, to walkways, to pools and patios, they have options that will not only look beautiful, but prove to be incredibly functional as well. 

Before forming a relationship with Techo-Bloc, Water and Earth may have had more difficulty finding options to fit the sleek approach of our Bay Area clients who favor a more modern or minimalistic feel. It’s exciting now to know that we can confidently outfit any space, from a pool to an upscale outdoor kitchen, with materials that are created with both form and function in mind.

We want to work with the best.

No one else in the Bay Area is able to provide the quality, consistency, and vast selection that is inherent to Techo-Bloc, and we’re extremely proud to be the first to put them on the map here in the Valley. Other concrete paver companies may be able to offer cheap or affordable selections, but when all is said and done, none can match Techo-Bloc’s quality, or range of modern materials, colors, and designs. 

At Water and Earth, we always strive to bring our clients the best of what is available in outdoor living. We believe we’ve found it in Techo-Bloc. If you have a moment, take some time to look through their selection. We think you’ll agree.

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