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Los Altos Eichler Backyard Design

In today’s design walkthrough, we revisit a landscape design challenge in Los Altos, CA. We’ve reviewed the design process in a prior blog on the site, but today we’re excited to take a look at the final, post-construction space. Another Eichler home, we were excited to create an outdoor living space that honored the original architecture while bringing the backyard into the modern day.

Through the introductory design process, we walked the homeowners through a series of 2D and 3D renderings. During these stages, they were able to give us feedback. From tweaking the layout to pinpointing the materials, our clients have a hand in every aspect of the design. When all the fine details were ironed out, the project went into construction. Now, we’re excited to walk through the final project with you, space by space.

Eichler Outdoor Renovation–The Finished Space

The finished seating area. Modern furniture sits on top of a new patio surrounded by a privacy fence and lush landscaping.

Stepping out of the home, the clients immediately walk out onto their brand new concrete patio. This serves as a central point for the homeowners to gather, and holds not only a large dining table, but also their new outdoor furniture. From here, friends and family can gather comfortably while watching guests in the pool or out on the tanning deck.

A new paver patio looks over the brand new pool, spa, and tanning deck.

From here, the clients step down onto their brand new pool deck. Long, rectangular pavers create a sleek, modern line that mimics the long, linear shape of the pool. To the right side, a small tanning deck provides space for a line of lounge chairs. Not only does this create additional seating, but it also helps to break up the visual lines and add some natural materials back into the space.

Looking out over the new pool and spa. Lawn space is visible in the back of the frame.

From the tanning deck, the clients look out over their brand new pool. Long and rectangular, the pool is scaled to fit the space, with a built-in spa in the upper right corner. Here, pool goers can easily transition between the pool and the spa. Both are finished with custom coping and waterline tile. At the far end of the pool, a diving board provides an opportunity for the kids to practice their cannonballs.

The spa is seated within the swimming pool. Light reflects off of glass tile lining the spa and the waterline of the pool.

Around the yard, outdoor lighting provides ambience, safety, and advanced functionality. From highlighting landscaping to illuminating the pool and pathways, great lighting makes a world of difference. We installed lighting along the lip of the pool, as well as along the raised planters, pathways, and perimeter of the yard.

Looking out over the lawn. Concrete steppers lead the homeowner’s through the space, while existing trees cast shade.

Stepping up off of the pool deck, the clients progress onto a path of concrete steppers. The homeowners were eager to have some green space to balance out the new patio and tanning deck. To accommodate this, we created a raised lawn on the far side of the yard. Here, the property’s existing trees get a chance to shine while providing natural shade in the space. Around the perimeter, plantings add dimension and visual interest.

An aerial view of the space. The layout has sprung to life from the original 2D designs and renderings.

As a whole, the finished space is a modern take on classic California design. It’s not every day that we are lucky enough to work with pieces of architectural history. When we do, we want to make sure that every aspect of the space not only serves the homeowners, but also does the home justice. In this Los Altos Eichler landscape design challenge, we think we’ve done just that.

To see more of our design concepts, visit our blog! For day to day updates on all of the latest Water and Earth projects, follow us on Instagram.

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