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The Top 5 Most Purchased Outdoor Living Products of 2021

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

2021 has been another banner year for outdoor living spaces. As the COVID-19 pandemic has endured, people have continued to make themselves at home in their own backyard. This year, Water and Earth has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients to create dream outdoor spaces.

Along the way, we have found ourselves recommending some of the same products many times over. From a great table top pizza oven, to the best in-pool furniture on the market, these are our top five favorite outdoor living products of 2021.

If you know us, you know we love great outdoor lighting. From pools to patios, nothing elevates modern outdoor living like blanketing the space in good light.

So if you’re looking to take things up a notch and add a little bit of fun to your space without breaking the bank, string lights are a good way to do it. We particularly like this color changing set from Brightever.

Shatterproof acrylic, remote controllable, and lit using vibrant LED bulbs, we appreciate the versatility this affordable option gives to our clients and friends looking to inject some color into their space from time to time.

Host a laid back dinner with warm white lighting, and then turn things up with a colored setting for a different vibe. And while these lights are marketed as weather resistant, one of the greatest aspects of string lights is their ability to be taken down when you’re no longer using them.

We appreciate products with range and accessibility, and this product gives us both, without breaking the bank. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Nothing beats a real, wood-fired pizza straight from a real, wood-fired pizza oven. But the reality is that most people don’t have the space to build a full pizza oven into their outdoor kitchen set up. This year, we’ve discovered the joy and versatility of table top pizza ovens and our clients have to. Over 30 of our 2021 clients have ordered one of these bad boys.

Our favorite model is by Ooni Fyra. This 12 inch table top oven packs a big punch. Fired by wood pellets, you get all the heat and flavor of a traditional oven. But when you’re done cooking, you can stow it and take back your space.

As a company, Ooni specializes in pizza ovens and has a range of sizes and styles available, including both wood-fire and gas powered models. You can ship our favorite model straight to your door from Amazon.

At the time of writing this article, COVID-19 is not over, and continues to affect many industries in a range of ways. When it comes to outdoor living, the name of the game has been shipping delays. Shipping delays have impacted seemingly every industry this year, and the outdoor furniture market is no exception.

Even once our projects are finished, our clients are often left waiting months for their new custom, or high quality outdoor furniture to arrive. But we think that a beautiful backyard deserves to be enjoyed ASAP. And so we have come to love more accessible solutions, like this simple set from Dovoko, available on Amazon.

While it may not be the most visually stunning or unique, it is low profile, comfortable, functional, and most importantly, available! And when you want to get use out of your brand new backyard, those are all great things for your new furniture to be. Whether you’re waiting for your forever pieces to arrive, or are looking for something to fill your space while you look for your dream piece, this set has been reliable for us and our clients in 2021.

Tanning shelves, baja shelves, sun shelves. Whatever you prefer to call them, we think we can all agree on one thing—they’re pretty awesome. While it’s true that you can enjoy a baja shelf without any furniture, watching the kids splash around in your brand new pool is a lot more comfortable when you’re relaxing on a chaise lounge. Most often, that chaise lounge has come from Ledge Lounger.

When it comes to in-pool furniture, Ledge Lounger continues to dominate the market. The brand sells everything from their classic chairs and chaises to tables and umbrellas, all meant for in-pool use.

Their signature chaise is clean, simple, and incredibly popular. Made with high-quality, UV and wear resistant resin, the Ledge Lounger is easy to install and looks especially great in modern-minded pool designs.

Ledge Loungers are available to purchase on their website, or on Amazon. And while it seems like they’ve cornered the market on in-pool furniture, we do want to note that competitors exist. While they don’t have the variety of furniture available, or the same quantity of customer reviews, other options are available, such as the in-pool chaise lounge from Aqua Outdoors.

Whether your outdoor space is big or small, we all love the option of gathering with friends and family around a bonfire on a summer or fall evening. If you’re short on space, or don’t have the budget to install a permanent fire feature in your backyard, then a good portable fire pit is critical. In 2021, we loved Solo Stove products.

It can get tough to find brands that are making affordable products that also prioritize aesthetic value. Solo Stove does this, and makes a great end product to boot. These pits are affordable, accessible, and portable enough to be taken from one end of your backyard to another, or accompany you on your next camping trip.

Additionally, solo stove prioritizes low-smoke constructions. Part of the appeal of fixed pits is their smokeless, gas-powered flame, so we love that this effect is accessible in a portable and affordable product.

The Solo range is available currently but stock quickly runs out for good reason. Pick up our favorite 27” model on Amazon.

We participants in the Amazon Affiliate program and may get a small commission if your purchase one of these products from Amazon at no extra cost to you!

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