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Water and Earth Landscape Design is one of “13 Best Instagram Accounts for Outdoor Spaces”

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

According to The Spruce, Water and Earth has one of the “13 Best Instagram Accounts for Outdoor Spaces”. We’re inclined to agree, and it’s an honor to be listed among so many other incredible designers. We love our Instagram, and it’s one of our favorite platforms to showcase our work on for a few reasons.

Good Ideas Attract Great People

We are of the wholehearted belief that you get back what you put in to the world, and social media is no exception. So when we entered the world of Instagram, we had a few goals. One of our biggest hopes, however, was that by sharing the work we are passionate and proud of, we could attract people that share our same passion for creating new and innovative outdoor spaces. 

We’ve found this to be true. In our time on Instagram, we’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate a community of people who see the work we’re doing and resonate with it. There’s nothing more rewarding than working with like minded clients. We love the experience of working with people who share our same passion and drive to do something different, and who enjoy the challenge and process of watching their dream space take shape.


We mentioned creating a community of clients, but one of our other favorite aspects of Instagram is the vast and talented community of designers. As you can see from The Spruce’s list, Instagram is full of incredible designers who are passionate about creating fresh takes on outdoor living spaces. And one of the best aspects about this community is its inherent passion and willingness to share.

Water and Earth has connected with some of the best designers out there to compare projects and swap notes. Like us, the design community on Instagram isn’t concerned with competition. We are more excited by the opportunity to trade ideas and thoughts about present and future designs. When it comes to cool ideas, collaboration beats competition every time. 


Finally, one of the best parts of Instagram that keeps us updating and refreshing our feed is its ability to provide us with constant sources of inspiration. It’s hard to lose inspiration when we are always being encouraged and interested by the amazing work of so many other designers and accounts we admire. Whether they’re friends, or simply other designers we respect and admire, Instagram acts as a gathering place for all of us to leave design inspiration when we have it, and take it when we need it.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our feature, or head over to our Instagram to check out some of our personal favorite work from our portfolio. We’ll see you there.

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